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Real2Reel Kids is an acting experience like no other. Finding your
core passion is what every actor strives for. What I set out to do is
prepare each student with the tools and techniques needed to go
beyond just being great. To become someone remarkable. 

Everything from getting an agent, to on-camera technique, to booking
the audition. Most importantly we develop authentic emotional honesty that showcases each student in the truest form of themselves.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.


THADEUS // Acting Coach

Thadeus brings passion, drive, energy, skill and a bubbly personality to every class she teaches.  She’s been a model, actress, photographer, talent agent, and acting coach while also balancing being a mother and manager to her children. After fifteen years working as a head shot photographer for models and actors throughout LA (some of whom became A-list).

Thadeus understands the camera from both sides of the lens. She honed her style while running LA Commercial Workshop and as a student to various renowned acting coaches. Those experiences helped her develop her current class which combines theatrical cold-reads with an on-camera workshop.

As a talent agent she booked many of her clients on major theatrical productions and national commercials hat helped launch their careers. As the wife and mother to a family of actors, she has tackled the industry from both the agent to client and parent to client perspective. She teaches other parents how to help their children quickly learn skills in order to get representation, callbacks, avails, and bookings.

Her students have booked roles on Longmire, Stalker, iCarly, Bad Teacher, Criminal Minds to name a few. National Spots for Firestone, Coke, AT&T, Toyota, Guess, Disney, Proctor and Gamble etc. With over twenty years of experience and knowledge, she helps her students build skills, access their emotions, and become more confident in their ability to deliver believable performances. She empowers them to let their true authentic selves shine through. 

"Thadeus has been amazing instilling confidence in my daughter Jordan. My daughter feels extremely confident going into every audition because Thadeus has given her the tools for any scene that is handed to her. During one class she spent extra time working a scene with her where she needed to cry, by the end of the class Jordan learned what she needed to do to bring up the tears whenever asked.
Thadeus enthusiasm is contagious and she makes every child feel like they are her own."
Jordan Delgado - Actress
Thadeus knows how to talk to child actors. She’s consistently effective at drawing out better performances each time. Her boundless energy and enthusiasm inspires her students to want to do their best. Our daughter’s self esteem as an actor has improved twenty-fold. She’s honing her craft and learning to bring nuance to each role. We love Thadeus!
Annabelle Abruzo - Actress
"Thadeus pushes me to my emotional and technical limits and then expands those limits to get comfortable getting uncomfortable. She understands how the business works both in front of and behind the camera and is there if I ever have any questions!
She helped me every step of the way when I booked my first role on Bad Teacher only after three months! And since then has only helped me get better and stronger".
Daniel Castro - Actor




   SUNDAYS, AGES 5 TO 8, 1:30 - 3:00

AGES 9 TO 13 • 3:00 – 5:00

AGES 14-18. 5:00 – 7:00


Whether you have a child who was born with the acting bug, has dreams of acting on screen or just needs to gain some self-confidence, REAL2REEL is the perfect place to start.

In this workshop your child will discover the pure fun of on-camera acting while gaining the technical skills needed to deliver effective auditions.

Group improvisation and exercises are specifically designed to build your child’s confidence and allow the imagination to soar. With a fun and supportive environment, your child will be guided through every step of the audition process.

$40.00/Per Class

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